Friday, September 5, 2008

Kroger Owns Me

I admit it. I am Kroger's bitch. It all started with the spring’s ridiculous rise in gas prices. Kroger has ways you can save with your Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card: you get three cents off per gallon any time, ten cents off when you have used your Kroger Plus card to buy $100 in groceries, and fifteen cents off per gallon when you use your Kroger Rewards credit card. During the summer, with regular unleaded hovering at four dollars per gallon, I gave in.
Before all this, I’d separate my shopping: I’d get some stuff at Kroger, some at Publix, some at Target, some at Wal-Mart. Now, I get it all at Kroger, unless it’s not available there or I can get it at a better price elsewhere. Gotta get up to $100 in groceries, you know. I haven’t totally given in to the Man; I still go to the Farmer's Market or a roadside vendor for my seasonal veggies and fruit, but when it comes to toilet paper, I know exactly where I’m getting it.

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Nevis said...

I'm right with you, too. I'm Krogers bitch, too. Although I do occaisonally buy stuff at Walmart, too. Pharmacy prescription is cheaper. And Dogfood.